"The first step to a good program is to rid the body of toxins from the inside out." -PM

Patty Mazzotta, B.A., C.P.T.,Ace Certified

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My health and wellness journey began many years ago as a child. Being teased for being overweight had a profound affect on me. I finally realized I was not eating healthy or exercising properly. I've tried every fad diet out there so I know what works and what doesn't. I'm always searching for the best products to help me get more energy for my gruelling workouts and products to help me look my best. I'm constantly trying to improve myself so I've taken my passion for health and fitness and achieved my ACE Personal Trainer Certification and I am a Certified Trainer with TRX's Suspension Training System so that I can help others reach their goals.

The first step to a good program is to rid the body of toxins from the inside out. There are some amazing products that can fight the signs of aging, remove free radicals from the body, contains anti-oxidants, helps lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. With proper nutrition you can achieve weight loss. Exercise is very important to help strengthen your bones, build/maintain lean muscle mass and keep your heart strong. Want to know the secret to losing weight? Eat properly and exercise. I have found some products to make this process a lot easier. A couple of my favourite products that I have found that actually works is the Ultimate Body Applicator. This herbal body wrap helps detoxify your skin as it tightens, tones and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes! It helps firm skin slackening and smoothe out cellulite. They can help shrink fat cells which can result in inch loss where applied. It can be applied to the legs, tummy, arms, thighs etc. Get an instant face lift with the Facial wrap. It will leave your face with a healthy glow looking refreshed.

My business degree has taught me how valuable customers are to a business. As a company, we strive for the best. Customer service is a very important component for success so I make sure that everyone stays up-to-date on the latest product news, events I'm doing and I will give some fitness tips I've learned along the way. I would love your feedback on how our products and services have made a positive impact in your life or if you need help finding what is right for you, please contact me!

Please watch how the wrap works! Great video on how to apply the wrap.
Check out these amazing results!

To see what this crazy wrap thing is all about, please click on this link for more information.




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  • "I believe in these products so much that I asked my boyfriend George to try them out. He loves his Greens and body defining gel!"

  • GeorgeGeorge

    “I don't go a day without the gel. It keeps my abs looking tight! I don't eat enough fruits & vegetables so I always add 2 scoops of Greens to my protein shakes.”
    George Deris
  • “My instant results were:

    ✪ upper abdomen-- 1"
    ✪ waist-- 2 1/2"
    ✪ lower abdomen-- 2"!!
    This is amazing. Thank you Patty, I really enjoyed your visit!”
    Aida - Richmond Hill, Ontario.
  • “I lost 5" total after the first wrap. Thanks. Woohoo!”
    Ami - Concord, Ontario.
  • “I lost 9" after 2 hours
    of wearing the wrap!”
    Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  • “I lost 2" after one application!!”
    Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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  • All the products are organic and made with all natural ingredients with long lasting results. Outstanding customer service and support.


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